Felicia DiRocco, Founding Secretary


Felicia has been part of the Maximilian Foundation since 2014 when she joined as the Founding Board Secretary. Having 3 school age children, the decision to be a part of the organization was an easy one. “I’m passionate about keeping my kids safe and teaching them to make good decisions. Why not be a part of an organization that shares this value with local youth?”

As the Board Secretary, Felicia touches almost everything the organization does including the programs supported such as STYLE (Student Team Building Youth Leadership & Experience), MIST (Mindfulness Infusion for Students & Teachers), Project Aware and Steered Straight.

In a prior, corporate life, Felicia was the Vice President of Marketing for First Atlantic. She also worked for various advertising agencies on accounts like Radisson Hotels, McCormick Spices, Pentel, and Ginsana.