September 2019

 The Maximilian Foundation presented Barnegat Township School District with a check to expand their M.I.S.T. (Mindfulness Infusion for Students & Teachers) program. Mindfulness is an achieved mental state to reduce anxieties and stay calm which helps kids prepare for learning, build self-awareness and self-esteem. The Foundation’s $1,996 donation provides the funds for the district to purchase a Mind Yeti program for Cecil C. Collins, Joseph T. Donahue, Lillian M. Dunfee, and Robert L. Horbelt Elementary Schools. 


August - 2019

 Barnegat Township Elementary Schools are getting ready to implement year two of MIST (Mindfulness Infusion for Students & Teachers) by incorporating an online program called Mind Yeti. Leah Purpuri, District Supervisor of Guidance, and Alison Greco, Counselor, say this program will give teachers more ways to incorporate Mindfulness into the classroom without additional training. Because the program is simple to use, teachers can easily incorporate it into the classroom on a daily basis with new and fresh media. The program will be launched to teachers at the all-staff professional development day prior to the first day of school.

- Gives kids a tool to cope and ease anxiety.
- Helps kids practice gratitude, empathy for others, and kindness toward themselves.
- Strengthens kids ability to focus which improves academics.

Mindfulness supports our goat of preventing youth self-destructive behaviors by building confidence, character and growing the life skills needed to sustain better choices. Please consider donating to keep this wonderful program running! 


M.I.S.T - June 2019

 MIST in Action!
This spring, we visited several  schools and classrooms in Barnegat Township Elementary School District to see how MIST was implemented in the classroom! We are super excited to see that the program is well received by the students & teachers! The teachers are incorporating Mindfulness on a daily basis...as they would any typical academic subject.This time allows the entire classroom to focus on the here and now which is helping reduce anxiety in the classroom and helping the kids do better in school! 


M.I.S.T - April 2018


The Maximilian Foundation began their  partnership with Barnegat Township School District to help its students have the tools and strength to avoid behaviors that could negatively affect the rest of their lives by bringing MIST (Mindfulness Infusion for Teachers and Students) to K-5 classrooms, reaching 1,500 students for the 2018-19 school year.

Based in Stafford Township, the foundation has presented a $2,900 check to cover the cost of implementing the program in the inaugural year