TJ Tana


What sets TJ’s performances apart from other entertainers is his focus on “extremely interactive” entertainment. TJ believes audience engagement “creates a whole new experience, and a memory that will last a lifetime”. TJ has performed in venues across the East Coast: in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. TJ’s show has been named one Newsday’s “Top 10 Things to See on Long Island”.
Whether you choose to bring his world-class sleight of hand magic to your event, or a grand scale Vegas-style illusion show to your next corporate gala, TJ will keep your audience members amazed and on the edge of their seats.


Doc Swan


His show begins with a fast and furious  JUGGLING act.....full of comedy, and  done to music.   "No sideshow was  complete without a FIRE-EATER,"  Doc  informs his audience, "and we have one  of the best".   ("We" do.  Doc has won  numerous awards with this act).   CHAPAUGRAPHY is an old, old act  made new by Doc - where he tells his  life story while making 13 different hats  out of one piece of felt.   ESCAPING  FROM HANDCUFFS  is not as easy as  Doc may have thought, and   the  audience is delighted to his unexpected  methods!  AUDIENCE  PARTICIPATION comes next where a  volunteer becomes the star of (and  usually steals) the show.  Demonstrating  his powers of  ESP has the audience  laughing and scratching their heads.  A  contemporary version of a Houdini  favorite, escaping from a STRAIT  JACKET is performed as Doc dances   his way out in record time . The  BAREFOOT WALK ON BROKEN  GLASS BOTTLES is presented in  Doc's own unique way...with one  audience member riding piggy-back  (and the rest howling with laughter)!  MUSICAL SAW PLAYING...  ORIGAMI...HAND  SHADOWS...LARIAT SPINNING... no  telling what might pop up in Doc's  show...  Punctuated with puns, sight-gags and  TONS of  tongue-in-cheek humor,  no  two shows are exactly alike.  New  material is added constantly.  (In fact, in  the venues where Doc performs  30-minute or less shows, two completely  different performances can be  presented)!  


David Darwin


David Darwin is the natural selection for your entertainment. Dave presents a laugh-a-minute show of juggling, sideshow, and comedy. He will keep you riveted with amazing feats to keep you and your guests talking for years.

Whether you need an exciting hour of sideshow or a half-hour, family-friendly juggling show, Dave can customize to your needs. Imagine being entertained with the silliness of juggling three balls while playing the harmonica, the danger of eating and manipulating real fire, or the bizarre sounds of bare feet walking across broken glass! 

Dave's act will thrill you with whip cracking, plate spinning, lasso, ball spinning, unicycling and more! And be prepared to laugh yourself out of your seat as Dave juggles, dances and sings with both legs behind his head in an act that earned him an appearance on NBC's "America's Got Talent". 


Anthony Salazar


Anthony has the ability to connect with crowds from Baby Boomers to Gn-Z.  His onstage personality is a combination of a slight edge and likability that wins over He now performs regularly in casinos, resort, and theaters all over the world.   
​Anthony Salazar developed his skill in the art of magic at a very young age and has since made this part of show business his life’s work. Anthony was born in the Philippines, and Anthony was born in the Philippines, and at the age of ten, moved to America where he would soon discover a book that would open his world to art of magic.  
​At 13, he moved to a town with a nearby magic shop where he would spend hours every day learning his craft.  After high school, he started performing full-time professionally and never looked back. He would go on to perform his carefully blended combination of comedy, illusions, and award-winning sleight-of hand for thousands. He also works as a magic consultant for commercials and television shows. 
Anthony has the ability to connect with crowds from millennials to baby boomers.  His onstage personality is a combination of a slight edge and likability that wins over the hearts of audiences everywhere.