Richard Otto Schmid

Founding Board President


Early Years: Born and raised on Cedar Bonnet Island. 

’79 Graduate of Southern Regional High School

Education: Earned an Associate Degree from the Culinary Institute of America 

Career: 50 years in the restaurant business, starting young in the family business, has led to:

President of the Dutchman’s Brauhaus Corporation

President of the Kiwanis of LBI

Founder and President of the Maximilian Foundation

Currently overseeing the renovation of the Dutchman’s Brauhaus on Cedar Bonnet Island

Interests: Contributing on the grassroots level, through the Maximilian Foundation, to supporting our schools, parents and caregivers in teaching our children to make wise choices in life. The Maximilian Foundation supports bona fide programs in our local schools that promote strengthening our children so they have the tools they need within themselves to make the right choices when faced with life’s challenges.